Simple Writing is Good Writing

One very common problem I encounter in student writing is “advanced diction.” This occurs when the writer uses (or attempts to use) words, concepts, or expressions that he or she is not really ready to use. Ironically enough, the writer usually attempts this in hopes of impressing a college instructor who probably does use “big […]

How to Write a Philosophy Essay

Philosophy essays are often very difficult to write because they require lots of organization. Still, you should look upon the task as a very rewarding one since this type of essay will teach you how to be a better thinker. Really, a philosophical essay is about argumentation. Essay types can be misleading because there is […]

How to Start an Essay in 10 Minutes

If you’re like most people who visit our essay writing website, you’re probably in need of help RIGHT NOW. Well, this article is going to do exactly that – help you start writing immediately so you can get beyond writer’s block. Here’s what you need to do: Start writing! The problem most people have with […]

How to Write an Essay on Beowulf

Ah, Beowulf. Such a fantastic story. So well told, and yet so often misunderstood. Much of the misconception surrounding Beowulf stems from the recent film featuring Anthony Hopkins, et al. The film is not bad, but if you don’t know the story behind the movie you’re in trouble. Let me put this another way: for […]

How to Choose a Persuasive Essay Topic

If you need to write a persuasive essay (sometimes called “argumentative papers”), you must follow one very important rule above all others: choose something you are passionate about! The point of a persuasive essay assignment is to demonstrate your ability to think critically and show your ability to engage difficult issues with clear reasoning. At […]

Persuasive Essay Format

The Coherence Of Persuasive Essay Format Affects the Quality Of Your Paper Writing an essay is a lot easier than writing a research paper. There are numbers of essay types you can utilize; it just depends on which type you are familiar with or which style will bring out your writing flairs. The form of […]

Find Process Essay Sample Online

Use Process Essay Sample of a High Quality for Writing your Essay Process essay is a kind of essay writing that involves different disciplines: maths, economics, biology, medicine, mechanics etc. If you need to write the essay on some process but you do not know what it is better to start with, then find a […]

Essay Writing Guideline May Be of Benefit for You

How to Write a College Essay is a Common Question Among Students Students usually have to write a lot of writing assignments in college. One of the academic papers that you may be asked to complete is a college essay. If you want to know more of how to write a college essay, you may […]

Free Research Essay Example

Research Essay Examples May Not Inspire a Student to Hard Work Usually students are very confused when they start their research paper work. It is a well known fact that such a serious writing can not be done at once and requires some knowledge and experience. So, many of the young authors use the research […]

Find Unique and Interesting Poetry Essays

Enhance Your Knowledge with Poetry Essays Creation of poetry essays is the most difficult task of the English course. If you are assigned to write an essay about poetry, it means that you have to produce your interpretation of a certain poem you are going to analyze. When you interpret any kind of poem, you […]